What is important for a business traveller?

Providing the traveler’s security

The most important issue of any corporate trip. The reputation of every company directly depends on a employees' security. Reliable partners, high level of travel protection, good and safe trip organization – all that make a competent degree of trip organization and help avoid crisis situations.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-fi is an essential point of any business trip. Being always on-line and accessible for colleagues, clients, and direction is a key point in doing a good business. Whether you stay in a hotel, have a meal at a restaurant or wait for your flight in an airport, make sure that this place has a working wi-fi connection.


If for average traveler convenience is important, for a business traveler it's essential. It has special importance if a person has regular business trips. Cafes and restaurants inside the hotel, spa, and gyms in the hotel, laundry service, shopping malls near the hotel -all that make a life of a business traveler much easier.

Quality-to-price ratio

Every company tends to economize while sends its employees on a business trip. But it doesn't mean that every company searches for the lowest price. What is more important in such question is a so-called “quality and price ratio.” Nowadays with the help of Internet, it's easy enough to compare and equalize hotels, that's why providing excellent service for a reasonable price and making special business offers a value that stands out.

Wait Times Reduction

“Time is money” - this is the most important statement of any business. Corporate traveling requires providing fast and qualitative service. Quick flight check-in, fast hotel booking, no lines for the flight registration, etc. Saving time means a lot to any business traveler.

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