Virgin Galactic

Space Tourism is a Reality

Virtuoso members have been selected as the exclusive sales representatives for Virgin Galactic.Virgin Galactic is paving the way to fly the first paying passengers into suborbital space. Join private milestone events reserved only for Virgin Galactic customers. Enjoy unprecedented access to engineers, test pilots and other great minds behind the scenes as the project progresses before commercial operations begin. The journey really begins with your deposit!

About Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic was launched by Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group in 2004 with the objective of developing commercial space vehicles which would transform the safety, cost and environmental impact associated with access to space. As well as offering 1000's of ordinary people the chance to experience space for themselves, the system will be used for space and high altitude science research and potentially developed to launch small satellites. In the future the company expects to move on to the development of orbital vehicles capable of carrying people, including the possibility of offering very fast trans-continental flights around the planet.

The Flight Costs

The cost of the flight is US$200,000 which can be reserved with a refundable $20,000 deposit. Well over 500 individuals have already made their reservations!

YYZ Travel Group can help book your journey into suborbital space. To receive astronaut training and to reserve your place in history,

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