Ultimate Travel Essentials 2017

What are the things you can’t do without on a trip? We are ready to give you some life hacks and share our years of experience!

The golden rule of travelling is not to leave preparations until the last day. It’s better to get things started beforehand, and the sooner you do, the better off you’ll be!

Ultimate Travel Essentials 2017. travel

We can say the same about your travel essentials list. Take a sheet of paper, divide it into categories, and write down the things you will need during a trip. Do this over a few days: imagine yourself going through your daily activities on the road, and write down everything you can think of that you will need; hopefully, you will not forget anything. Don’t discard the list afterward; you can use it again next time you travel!

Travel Essentials List:

1) Documents, Bank Cards, and Cash

These are the most important items that you cannot do without on the road: traveling is impossible without identification and access to money, so keep these things close to your heart. Put them in a purse, handbag, pack, or briefcase that you can always have with you as carry-on items.

Which documents do you need?

Ultimate Travel Essentials 2017. Travel docs

- Passport for both international and domestic travel. Make copies of all your documents, and keep them safely separate, in case you need to replace originals. You could also keep e-versions or images on your phone, flash drive, e-mail, and cloud storage; have them in as many places as possible to be sure they are accessible if you lose something.

- Printed, scanned or electronic versions of hotel bookings, train and airline tickets, and insurance cards with policy and claim numbers handy.

- Credit and debit cards: if you can, it is good to have cards from several different banks. Life hack – keep most of your money in deposit rather than debit accounts and transfer funds only as you need to use them. If your ATM card is lost, stolen or hacked, potential thieves will then have direct access to just a limited amount of your wealth.

- Cash. Always have some with you, including local currency if traveling internationally.

- A foreign language phrasebook is always useful in other countries.

- Don’t forget about navigation: install some offline map applications like OsmAnd or Maps.Me.

2) First Aid Kit

A first aid kit can be an important thing on a trip – especially in urgent situations. Moreover, medications can be expensive abroad; indeed, many (antibiotics, for example) you may not be able to buy without a doctor’s prescription.

Ultimate Travel Essentials 2017. First Aid Kit

Naturally, you will want to bring a supply of your personal medications; below is a list of over-the-counter products to consider packing in your First Aid Kit:

• Painkillers;

• Diarrhea and constipation remedies;

• Anti-inflammatory drugs and fever reducers;

• Cold and flu medicines;

• Anti-allergy medicine;

• Antihistamines, antacids;

• Antiseptic creams for minor wounds;

• Motion sickness pills;

• Insect and snake bite treatments;

• Sun protection cream.

3) Clothes and Footwear

Do not pack a lot of clothes and shoes in your suitcase. Experience shows that much of the wardrobe you carry with you will remain untouched during a journey.

Ultimate Travel Essentials 2017. Clothes and footwear

Besides, it is impossible to resist shopping while on vacation or visiting a new location, so you better leave some space available in your suitcase for purchases and souvenirs.

Wear comfortable, relaxing travel clothes; no sense making a trip any more stressful than it has to be. Life hack: never wear new shoes; they can cause terribly painful blisters when you’re doing a lot of walking.

Be sure to take a head-dress (especially if you have a bald pate) and sunglasses – particularly if you are going to bright and sunny climes.

4) Remember your personal hygiene products and cosmetics – toiletry bag and make-up kit.

Ultimate Travel Essentials 2017. Hygiene products and cosmetics

After making your list, don’t leave it home; take it with you to facilitate packing for the return trip.

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