GRASP Travel Management Reporting


YYZ Travel Group provides corporate clients with state of the-art travel management reporting.  We utilize GRASP Technologies which help you manage your entire accounting and reporting process, supplying you with real time data. These reporting tools are available to assist clients with:

  • Controlled travel expense activity
  • Identifying cost-savings opportunities by analyzing patterns of travel and supplier usage
  • Sorting expenses by traveler, department, project, purchase order, city, location, etc.
  • Identifying missed savings and trends per traveler
  • Monitoring travel policy compliance
  • Negotiating volume discounts
  • Tracking and controlling unused tickets.


GraspPAY- Virtual credit card technology

Many existing single-use virtual card number technologies are hindered by cumbersome processes for issuing and managing VCN, such as having to manually load card numbers into a system.

GraspPAY improves operational efficiency by generating virtual cards automatically within current workflows. With an entirely automated process, GraspPAY uploads VCNs and integrates seamlessly with a travel agent or travel manager’s existing booking tools. Better yet, there are no transaction fees for the client.

  • Ease of use

GraspPAY Generates virtual cards automatically within the booking flow and improves efficiency by automating the process of reconciliation

  • Integrated Intelligence

GraspPAY comes with a totally integrated reporting and analytics suite for managing all aspects of each and every transaction.

  • Complete Flexibility

GraspPAY was designed with a focus on ease of use and to bring functionality into the Virtual Payment space that has traditionally not been available.

Ask our YYZ Travel Advisor for more information or to schedule a demo.