Forecast for Corporate Travel. Autumn 2017

The sector of Corporate Travel continues to develop rapidly. The concurrence in this sphere is still tough, and companies are struggling to attract clients by all the possible means.

At the same time, diverse business companies and corporate clients are tent to change their travel agencies as they are keeping their finger on the pulse of the most recent travel offers and travel ideas along with the newest technological innovations that could ease the travel and meetings for business travelers.

Forecast for Corporate Travel. Autumn 2017

YYZ Travel Corporate knows exactly the latest trends of the business world. We follow the latest tendencies in travel industry, and we are looking for the upcoming inclinations in the sphere of hotel and resorts accommodations, flights reservations and cooperation with airlines and tour operators.

We try to make every season differ from the previous one. That’s why at the end of August we have made our own list of the forecast for Corporate Travel tendencies, to let you know the most up-to date news in the travel sphere.

While hotel rates will increase in autumn 2017, the strongest rise will be expected in U.S. and Canada, by 3%, while accommodation rates in South Pacific and the Middle East will see an increase by 2%, the same amount as in Europe, according to Advito’s 2017 Industry Forecast.

Forecast for Corporate Travel. Autumn 2017

Global Business Travel reports that a global demand for air travel will stay at a high level; persistently low fuel prices and strong competition will help keep airline fares in check.

At the same time, ground transportation has undoubtedly will suffer from a strong influence of the industry players while rates will remain flat as capacity continues to exceed demand.

All in all, in Latin America rates are expected to see an increase in fares in every sector of the countries, except Brazil and Argentina.

Forecast for Corporate Travel. Autumn 2017

According to GBTA Foundation, in the sphere of corporate travel will be a modest increase in cost per attendee, per day, for meetings and events held in Asia Pacific and North America.

Europe is expected to remain flat and Latin America will see a decline of 10 percent. Group sizes will increase by 3-6 percent for the regions of for Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, while remaining flat in Latin America.

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