Risk Travel Tools

Business Travel comes with certain Risks, be prepared!

It is acknowledged that any time you travel there are risks involved.

When you take a vacation with your family, the decision of where you are traveling to is made by you, it’s  your choice.  When you work for a company and travel is part of the job, the decisions as to where you need to travel for business is not your choice!

Some business travelers go to domestic locations, some trans-border and some International destinations.

Business Travel  may take  you to big cities, and may take you to remote areas,  some business travelers  even travel to known dangerous regions, and sometimes must travel to areas far away from airports.

Corporations have various reasons for business travel: to visit clients, to go to branch locations, for tradeshows, to factories, to oversee projects across the world that their companies are involved with, and some have business travel to remote areas to assist with health issues and humanity causes.

No matter the reason for business travel, or the distance you  travel to, traveling in  2018, there are always travel risks that could be encountered.

Sometimes business travelers could  be exposed to natural risks as weather, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes etc. and sometimes business  travelers can face terrorism, kidnapping, and political unrest. Things can happen instantaneously, and without warning!

“The responsibility to keep their business travelers safe to the best of their ability lies with the Employer”!

Technology allows us to now  foresee problems in “Real Time” without being psychic or having a crystal ball.

Risk Travel Tools are now a must for companies to  utilize for their business travel.  It  allows them to see their travelers itineraries at a glance, know if the traveler is in flight, or if they have landed.

You can see on the  app. map any risks happening in the immediate area they are traveling to, and you can actually SMS (live message) the traveler fulfilling the importance of direct communication.  You can see when it is safe in the travel  area, or when there is reason to see risk, and message your business traveler to “GET OUT”!!!

These technology tools are not expensive, and they give the Traveler Manager or Executive Assistant  full control and transparency over their travelers, knowing that their  business travelers are safe.

Traveling to an area that changed from safe to unsafe, being able to have direct messaging capability, which shows  that responsibility towards your business travelers well-being is  being monitored and is under control.

Ultimately the company has fulfilled their responsibility and both the traveler and the employer would then have peace of mind!