Is Business Class Worth it?

The question of searching for the right airlines always matters, especially for business travelers. While ordinary traveler tries to make his or her choice in favor of the cheapest tickets, corporate travelers always esteem more moments than the price. And the big amount of business travelers chooses a business class for their flight. But what is better?

1.Work during a flight

If you don't have access to the Internet, you're unemployed.

But if you choose business class flights, most airlines today offer in-flight wi-fi. It’s a service that business people value highly.  Besides, it's easier to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues during your flight. Connect to our onboard Wi-Fi, make a call on your mobile or use our in-seat phone. Check which communication services are on your flight with.

Is Business Class Worth it?

2.  Comfortable sleep

One of the great things about the business class is the bed. The airline's beds are highly comfortable, comparing with economy class, where for the most of the passengers it's impossible to sleep during the flight. The most business-class seats have a configuration that extends into two-metre long fully flat beds, and they’re approximately 50-60-centimetres wide with around two meters of the pitch. Essential distinctions among the classes these days usually involve seat width, seat pitch (the distance between rows), and seat surface material.

Is Business Class Worth it?

3.  Better menus

While economy class meals still come in a wrapper, business or first-class meals come with real cutlery. The significant difference between what the various classes eat is big enough. Plus, in business class alcohol drinks are permitted. Furthermore, the menu in business class is more extensive – you can taste a great variety of food like zucchini, basil, and parmesan soup, and of the four main course options I chose the roasted Barossa Valley chicken with port wine jus, both delicious and well presented. There was also a great range of wine, spirits, beers and liqueurs.

Is Business Class Worth it?

Tray of seafood on the plane, Emirates airlines business class travel

4. Entertainment

The most of the in-flight entertainment has a great assortment of recent blockbuster films, with quality older films, kids films, and television episodes, plus sometimes radio channels, hundreds of albums and games.  As you would expect, the premium economy screens are smaller at 27 centimeters, but they’re also touchscreens and come from the side console of the seats. In both classes, I got a pair of comfortable noise-cancelling headphones.

Is Business Class Worth it?

5. Check-in

There is a great convenience of priority check-in. You can also take extra baggage – three pieces about 30 kilograms per piece. And, of course, you can count on a fabulous fast track through immigration and customs.

You don't need to check in for seats at least two hours before the flight (as with economy), you also get checked in faster.

Is Business Class Worth it?.Businessman at airline check in counter


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