How to Make Business Travel Less Stressful

Whether you are a first-time business traveler, or an experienced tourist who is on a journey in a professional capacity quite often, you should know that a corporate trip is not the same as  leisure travel. Even if you go to your dream destination, you should remember that, first of all, this is a business trip. So everything there will be about your job. Despite seeming simple and entertaining, a business trip has a lot of difficulties and tough tasks to complete. So be prepared to work hard and have a little holiday too.

“Life working in a global business is characterized by constant switching between time zones, information exchange and lots of travel. Yet despite the glamorous image that comes to mind when we think of jet-setting business travelers, the reality is anything but: sleep deprivation, added stress and illness are all common pitfalls of frequent travel,” writes Sebastian Reiche, Associate Professor in the Department of Managing People in Organizations at IESE. 

How to Make Business Travel Less Stressful

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In addition, you will probably have late-night corporate dinners, early-morning meetings, long conferences, and all this combined with the jet lag associated with different time zones.

In order to manage these complexities, it’s possible to initiate time restrictions into a working schedule. 

“In a vibrant global environment, employees are often expected to be available 24/7, participate in early morning or late night conference calls, and travel for their business meetings outside of their work hours,” says Reiche. 

It is highly recommended to have obligatory rest days and time to be inaccessible by phone and e-mail. 
How to Make Business Travel Less Stressful


It is important to consider time differences and actual travel time to various world locations. It is recommended to allow employees to have time to rest after a long flight and to book flights so they arrive a few days before important meetings and be able to acclimate to the new conditions. The traveler’s productivity would be higher in that case. Furthermore, the results would be better for both the employee and the business.

It is also suggested that companies provide their traveling employees with useful technologies like gadgets for a better night’s sleep and access to energy pods. 

To make corporate travel less difficult so it does not become undesirable for employees, companies are advised to review their administrative policies regarding travel and to give extra benefits to make corporate travel more effective and less stress-inducing.


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