How to Dress Professionally at the Airport

Corporate travel is all about business etiquette, proper behavior, correct manners, and appropriate dress. Everyone in business knows that the first impression a person makes on his colleagues is most important. But how do you look appropriate if you are flying from one country to another and are expecting foreign colleagues to meet your flight? How do you choose the perfect clothes that combine comfort with high business standards?

Most important is to wear comfortable clothes. Especially if you have a long flight, the first thing you should think about is definitely comfort. Even if your company has a dress-code, you could wear something more casual during the flight. However, wearing yoga pants or athletic wear is not the best choice if you have a business meeting planned soon after arrival, or if you will be met by some of your partners at the airport.

How to Dress Professionally at the Airport

Most international companies have so-called “casual Fridays” – which means men can wear jeans, shirt and shoes for a short flight, or jeans, polo and sneakers on a long one. Women can wear jeans at the airport and on long flights, but could also choose slacks and blouse with a nice jacket. Don’t wear colors or designs that are too bright or eccentric. Remember, that subdued colors and simple patterns look better in this situation.

How to Dress Professionally at the Airport

All in all, the KISS  (Keep It Simple Silly) rule applies:

You need to be prepared for long flights and possible delays; so, wear comfortable clothes.

  1. Don’t wear anything inappropriate like yoga pants or shorts.
  2. Don’t put on clothes that are too bright or eccentric.
  3. Avoid short skirts and dresses as well as ones with a high slit on the side.
  4. Don’t put on something too formal if you are expecting a long flight.
  5. Be prepared for delays and long flight times by bringing a comfortable pillow and other useful items.
  6. Remember that the way your face looks is also important. Don’t forget to drink water during the flight and avoid alcohol.
  7. Bring an extra pair of jeans and a T-shirt, blouse, or polo to change into in case you spill juice or food on your clothes.
  8. Check your perfume. Taking it with you on the plane is not allowed, so use it beforehand to make a good impression. But don’t overuse it; otherwise, the effect will be the opposite.
  9. Take a cleaning sponge for your shoes and a brush for your clothes. You should look clean and fresh; it does matter.
  10. Don’t forget to take a comb with you, or even better, use a fixing gel or hair spray to set your hairstyle in place. Every detail in your look matters, especially for the first meeting. There can definitely be problems combing hair while sitting on an airplane, and the lighting and air conditions on board can make it  hard to prepare in advance to look perfect.
  11. For the most fastidious about how they look, try taking a face mask with you on board to make your facial skin softer, especially on a long flight. If your skin is particularly dry, this mask could be your urgent helper on a plane.

We hope that our advice will help you to cope easily with your business flight and to look professional at the airport. In the end, however, it is always your personal choice how to prepare for a flight.

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