Emerging Travel Destinations for 2017

The report made by Euromonitor for the World Travel Market represents the main trends in the travel industry for the year 2017. Among the other valuable predictions, the global travel market research indicated four countries as the main emerging New Year destinations. And there are the various essential reasons for that statement. The vast range of factors includes augmented interest for the directions, high accessibility, the transformation of geopolitical direction, brand awareness, etc.

The majority of the travel plan to develop business communication is not only with China. Of course, this country is the first one among four leading countries for the year 2017. But there are also India, Iceland, and Cuba on the list.
Firstly, according to the report, the tourism industry will grow in 2017. This is definitely a positive forecast.

Emerging Travel Destinations for 2017

"China is the expected leader of the emerging travel destinations"

The expected leader of the emerging travel destinations, China, will see the increase not only of typical travel directions, but also estimated to have a serious augmentation of the cruise travel with the 15 days of visa-free stays in Shanghai, Beijing, or Tianjin.

India is expected to experience a great upraise of the tourist flow with the 70th anniversary of independence from Britain. With great support from the government, the country's tourism office is investing more than $330 million USD into tourism campaigns with the ambitious plans to attract 13 million visitors a year by 2020

Among the most popular places to visit in India are the following: Agra, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala, Kashmir, and the North East.
Iceland plans to receive 2 million tourists next year - five times the number it saw in 2010. The country is also famous for its national soccer team and fans during the Euro 2016 tournament.
Travel to Cuba is a forecast to prolong increasing next year due to the rising interest of the tourists for these directions. Such tourist directions as Egypt, Greece, and Turkey are also seeing advance.

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