What is Incentive Travel?

What is it

The incentive travel is a trip that paid by employers, which is given to employees for their strong business performance.


The main goal of so-called incentive trips is to encourage employees to achieve challenging business objectives set by a company. It is made for rising employee’s motivation, to increase effective competition. And, of course, to reward the best employees as an example of company’s generosity and appreciation.

How does it work?

As a part of global management tool, incentive travel is a highly effective implement for a successful teambuilding management. Experience has proven that incentive trips result not only with high employees’ motivation but also with better levels of performance in all the working team.

What do you need to know?

• Incentive tour is a rewarding initiative which could be given not only to company employees but also to business partners, dealers, and distributors.
• Incentive tour is known to be a more powerful tool of employee motivation, than common money reward.
• These tours may be either individual or made for a group. Tours often include team-building activities, conferences and training workshops, coaching, etc.

What is Incentive Travel
• The customer can be as creative, as possible. It’s not uncommon when special tour programs are made. They may include historical, culinary, wine tours, participation in different sports events, motor racing and even film shooting.
• If incentive tours are made for the whole team, they are the true “treasure” in teambuilding process. They truly increase the company value in the eyes of employees.

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