Tips for First Time Business Travelers

Pack in Advance

Make a particular list of all urgent things. Don’t forget about toiletries and chargers for electronic devices.
They are essential for every business traveler. Always pack medications and personal items in your carry-on luggage. You should be aware of the fact that you may not have a lot of time on your trip for buying something necessary that you evidently have forgotten to bring with you.

Follow Company’s Travel Policy

Understand your company travel policy and try to follow all the rules if possible. Make sure you only spend money where you will be reimbursed. Company’s Travel Policy is an essential document to read, especially if you’re a first-time traveler. There could be a lot of important issues that can simplify your travel. Or things that are necessary to do and that you will be asked after the business trip.

Know your travel per diem in each city you visit, as it may vary from place to place.

Tips for First Time Business Travelers

Join Loyalty Programs

YYZ Corporate Travel advisors suggest everyone sign up for an airline and hotel loyalty programs. As multiple major airlines, hotels, and car rental companies give their clients to earn points based on dollars spent, it’s a great opportunity for the corporate traveler to save his money. In fact, these programs are working for the future, so don’t expect to get split-second discount. However, afterward, you will receive upgrades, free tickets, special offers, discounts, and presents.
Our Travel Advisors always suggest travelers stick to only one or two suppliers in each category to make the more points possible.

Sign up for an airline and hotel loyalty program. Even though it’s tempting to sign up with all of the major players, make one or two airline/hotel loyalty programs you go to. The point of signing up is to be able to cash in your points for a comped room or free plane ticket. You won’t be able to do that if you’re spreading your points across different programs.

Travel in comfort

Never check luggage if it can be avoided. Don’t put on a lot of jewelry. Try to minimize it as a trip is not the best place to put it on. Get your phone and other devices charged before the flight and don’t forget to bring all the essential devices with you. During the actual travel experience, try to eat healthily and do it often.
Malnutrition can cause stress and is often a reason for a hard jet lag.

Tips for First Time Business Travelers

In case when your journey takes you from one climate to another, be prepared for weather changes and look at the weather forecast before you depart.

Finally, try to avoid sitting next to your co-workers or even your boss on the plane. Talking about the business issues can be tiresome for colleagues and for passengers who have to hear that. It’s much better to choose a sit far from your colleagues and spend your flight time reading, watching films chilling or even sleeping. You need free time from your colleagues and work.

Ask for an Upgrade at the Hotel

Be specific; ask for a room with a view or the next room category up (standard to deluxe).
Check in later in the day or evening for a better shot at an upgrade, as arriving later often increases your chances due to cancellations and no-shows.

Front desk administrators usually do not tell you about the terms of the Upgrade Program if you don’t ask.  But you’d be surprised how easy you can get one by simply mentioning one. However, that doesn’t mean that you get am upgrade as soon as you asked for. Don’t forget to do it politely ask politely, because being rude will not get you any good extra service (remember, that front desk managers are also people and they notice how you behave).

Rude behavior could even get you on the upgrade blacklist, which is exactly what you are not looking for. Try to be as specific with your request as possible. Instead of just asking for an upgrade, try asking for a room that has a view of the lake (or what have you) or to upgrade from your current room category to the next one up, such as an upgrade from a standard to a deluxe room.

Tips for First Time Business Travelers

Use Mobile Apps

Mobile apps should be downloaded before you going to a business trip. They can be extremely helpful in some situations. You can easily check current airline status, and even be notified in case of sudden delay or cancellation. You can always be aware of the weather forecast in any part of the world of in specific cities (depends on the app you download).

You can download the interactive maps of the city you’re planning to visit or even for several ones.  Special guides for cafes, restaurants, bars and all the public places are also the great things which can save your time, money and avoid disappointment from some places.

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