Plaza Premium

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Relax and Unwind in First Class Airport Lounges

Canada / Hong Kong / India / Malaysia

Experience our first class service even when flying in economy.

Everyone is welcome to experience first class service with business class lounge facilities at Plaza Premium Lounge

Lounge Amenities Include:

Food & Beverages

A healthy selection of food and beverages which will be available to you all day long.

Food options include hot dishes, bakery, salad, sandwiches, and desserts.

Some lounges offer vegetarian food. Enjoy our signature Rooibos Espresso Red tea and other

Types of artisanal coffees served in the lounges.  Bar services may be included or priced separately depending on location.

An Oasis in a crowded airport

Escape from the airport crowds to comfortable, overstuffed lounge chairs in quiet and relaxing lounges. Lounges are finished with warm wood tones and marble flooring.


Fully equipped shower facilities to help you freshen up before your journey or while in between flights.

Nap Facilities

Available in certain lounges. Nap rooms provide a tired traveller with the ability to catch a short nap prior to their next flight.

Newspapers, Magazine and Television

Available to keep you updated with the latest happenings worldwide.

Various magazines available –lifestyle, leisure, business and editorial for your reading pleasure.

Internet and Business Facilities

Surf the web or catch up on some work with our included wi-fi service or business centres.


For lounge locations and hours, please visit

Contact your YYZ Travel Group Advisor to book your pass.