Account Management

  • Your dedicated Account Manager will assist you in developing a customized business plan to empower your company with leading edge solutions, for your travel program. We will build Supplier relationships, contract negotiation for air, hotel, car rental and more.
  • We will study your travel patterns and advise you and assist on where we can find further savings and cost effective measures.
  • Quarterly meetings will be conducted to insure that your travel program goals are achieved in the time frame allotted for their completion.
  • Analysis of your monthly management report.


The financial impact areas your account manager will focus on include:

  • Minimizing Transaction Costs
  • Controlling Purchases at the Point of Sale
  • Setting up Hotel Contracts
  • Maximizing Purchasing Volumes
  • Enforcement of Travel Policy Compliance
  • Establishing Realistic Goals
  • On-line Adoption
  • Program Consolidation
  • Travel Policy Development
  • Business Plan Execution
  • Technology Tailored to Meet Your Needs
  • A Global Presence that Can Grow With You
  • Comprehensive Travel Management Solutions